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V 0.5 (beta)

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What is RandoQuest?

RandoQuest is a role playing adaptation of the game A Link to the Past Randomizer. With the help of a Game Master, or GM, a Hero will move through the game world finding items needed to beat the game. Item logic works the exact same in RandoQuest as it does in a standard seed of ALTTPR. However, all execution-based aspects of playing ALTTPR have been replaced with a combination of character stats (to simulate player skill) and dice rolls (to simulate luck and RNG).

Materials Needed

  • Rules + Reference charts, below
  • A spoiler log from an ALTTPR seed OR a z3rsim seed
  • A set of gaming dice: d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20
    • Digital versions can be found online for free
  • A character sheet

Getting Started

To start, the Hero must fill out their character sheet. This can be done either with dice rolls or by approximating the player’s actual skills. Start by filling out your character name and sprite at the top.

Next, address each of the skills listed below. The maximum value for each of these skills is 10.

  • Glitches & Tricks: General ability to perform tricks that require precise button presses
  • Dark Rooms: Includes knowledge of the rooms as well as ability to maneuver around them
  • Bomb Jumps: Ability to set up and successfully execute a bomb jump.
    • EXECUTION: General skill governing button pressing outside of combat. This number is calculated by taking the average of the three skills under it. Calculate to 2 decimal places; round up if .50 or higher and round down if .49 or lower.

Next we’ll fill out the COMBAT portion of the Character sheet.

  • Swordfighting: How good you are with a sword. Maximum value is 5.
  • Item Fighting: Your abilities with the hammer, rods, and hookshot. Maximum value is 4.
  • COMBAT: General skill governing effectiveness in battle. To calculate, combine your Swordfighting skill + Item Fighting skill + 1.
  • Reaction Time: Your ability to avoid getting hit. Maximum value is 10. Being Swordless decreases Reaction Time by 2.

Be sure to keep your Character Sheet updated as you play. As with normal ALTTPR play, it is also recommended that you use an item and/or map tracker to keep track of progression options.

How to Play

A typical game of RandoQuest will look and sound just like a conversation amongst friends, punctuated by occasional dice rolling.

Generally, the game will progress via the GM asking the Hero questions about what they would like to do. These questions can be general or specific depending on the type of gameplay desired. For a quick run through of a seed, a GM may elect only to require Execution and Combat checks at the spots defined in the Charts glossary. For a more eventful and chaotic experience, a GM could prompt a check on every single screen.

Example – Required Skill Checks & Combat Only

Hero: I’d like to start at Sanctuary

GM: Okay, you find a shield in there. 1 Check. Where do you go next?

Hero: Let’s do the Eastern area.

GM: I assume you beeline to Saha’s closet. Remove one bomb. In there you find 40 rupees and a sword. 3 Checks

Hero: Nice! Let’s keep going to Eastern.

GM: Okay, first chest is compass, next is 3 bombs, then big key. I assume you check big chest?

Hero: Yup

GM: That has your map. We’re up to 4 Checks now. Big chest or straight back to Armos?

Hero: I want to full clear.

GM: Okay, you don’t have Lantern so get ready to do a Dark Room check.

Example – GM Added Skill Checks & Combat

Hero: I’d like to start at Sanctuary

GM: Okay, you find a shield in there. 1 Check. Where do you go next?

Hero: Let’s do the Eastern area.

GM: On your way you encounter some guards and octorocks. Go ahead and give me a Reaction Time check to avoid taking damage

Hero: Okay, I rolled an 8, plus my Reaction Time modifier which is a 6 gives me a total of 14.

GM: Great, you manage to deftly dodge all the enemies on the way and make good time. You don’t have any bombs; do you want to try farming for some?

Hero: No, let’s just go straight to Eastern Palace

GM: Okay, but if and when you come back for Saha’s Closet I’m going to hit you with a 2 point penalty. So you make it into Eastern and we start with the cannonball room. Give me an Execution roll to see how you do in here.

Hero: I rolled a 3, plus my Execution score is 4, so that’s a 7.

GM: Dang! You end up getting nailed in the face by a cannonball. Reduce your HP by 1; no point penalties for that.

As you continue to play, try to find the balance of how many added GM checks you’d like to include along with the required checks.

Win Condition

The win condition of RandoQuest is the same as the seed’s goal, and the Hero’s objective is to complete the goal while finishing with the fastest time attainable, which involves checking as few Item Locations as possible while also minimizing time penalties.

Keep in mind that there is no IRL timer for this game. In fact, Heroes are encouraged to take their time and talk out their decisions. The time referenced is actually generated through checking Item Locations and taking Time Penalties. For more on how your Final Time is generated, read Tabulating Final Time below.

Skill Checks

Unless otherwise stated, the Hero is free to describe what they would like to do, and the assumption is that they successfully do it. This includes moving around the overworlds, progressing through dungeons, and checking most Item Locations. Along the way, the Hero will be prompted to engage in Execution and Combat checks.


Required Execution checks are prompted by a set number of events encountered in ALTTPR games. For these required checks, stats are provided in the Tables portion of this guide.

  • Dark Rooms
  • Bomb Jumps
  • Glitches & Tricks
  • Any other test of skill called on by the GM

To take on an Execution check, first roll a d20. Then, add the skill modifier indicated by the skill check. For instance, you’ll add your Dark Rooms skill to your roll when trying to traverse a dark room. If you successfully beat the stated CR of that room with your roll plus your modifier, you complete the dark room with no penalties assessed. If you fail to exceed the Challenge Rating, a penalty will be assessed in the form of Hearts loss, a Point Penalty, inability to progress, or all three.


While making your way through the overworld or a dungeon, the GM might ask the Hero to make a Combat Check to ward off enemies. The Hero will also be asked to make Combat Checks in order to kill Bosses.

Attack Phase

Start by rolling a d20. Then add the result to either your Swordfighting score & Sword Bonus or your Item Fighting & respective Item Bonus. Report this number to the GM Below describes how your character fares during this battle.


Fight Type


Natural 20 Incredible Fight Collect item & prize. Deduct 1 point from your penalty total.
Meet or Exceed Def / CR Good Fight Collect item & prize.
Lower than Def / CR but Higher than ½ Def / CR Close Fight Brace for 1 Attack, minor point penalty
Lower than ½ Def / CR But higher than Natural 1 Rough Fight Brace for 2 Attacks, medium point penalty
Natural 1 Bad Fight Take a death, large point penalty

Defense Phase

If exposed to an enemy attack, the enemy will roll according to its Attack stat against your Reaction Speed. If the enemy’s Attack score exceeds your Reaction Speed, you will take damage according to that enemy’s Hit Penalty score. You will also take a point penalty as designated by the chart.

If the enemy fails to beat your Reaction Speed, no damage is done, but the point penalty is still assessed.

After the enemy takes its attacks, roll to attack again until the enemy is defeated or all hearts and safeties have been depleted.

Running Away

If given the opportunity by your GM to avoid taking damage or losing time to regular enemies, you can roll a d20 + your Reaction Speed in an attempt to beat the GMs stated Challenge Rating for the encounter. An easy encounter would be a 5 (mowing down a single Popo) while a difficult one would be a 20 (a roomful of Lynels)


In general, all items act as they would in a typical ALTTPR game in regards to unlocking progression. These are the items that also confer Execution, Combat, or other gameplay bonuses.


Stat Adjustment

Swordless -2 to Sword bonus
Fighter’s sword +2 to Sword bonus
Master sword +4 to Sword bonus
Tempered sword +8 to Sword bonus
Gold sword +10 to Sword bonus
Hammer +6 to Item Fighting in certain combat situations
Fire Rod +4 to Item Fighting in certain combat situations (+6 w/ 1/2 Magic)
Ice Rod +2 to Item Fighting in certain combat situations (+4 w/ 1/2 Magic)
Hookshot +4 to Item Fighting in certain combat situations
Magic Cape or Cane Increases Reaction Speed by 5 once per fight (does not stack)
1/2 Magic Allows for double Magic Cape or Cane Usage & increases Rod power
Silvers Reduces certain boss’s Def to 1
Boots Reduces time penalties by ¼ (ignore every 4th point)
Flute Reduces time penalties by ¼ (Not valid in GT)
1st mail Halves Heart damage
2nd mail Quarters Heart damage

Point Penalties

In order to incentivize speedy completion of a seed, point penalties are often imposed as a consequence of failing a check. Golf rules apply when dealing with points: the less accrued, the better. If a check is failed, add the number of Points indicated to your character sheet. These will be tallied at the end of the game to determine the Hero’s final time.

There are some activities in ALTTPR that just take time. A table of these events, as well as the amount of penalty points they accrue, can be found in the Tables section of this guide.

Tabulating Final Time

Defeating a seed is a victory in and of itself, but truly competitive ALTTPR players always challenge themselves to get the lowest time possible. To tabulate your Final Time…

  1. Take your final Collection Count…
  2. Add your total number of Penalty Points…
  3. Divide the sum by two.

This gives you your total number of minutes, which can be converted into a more traditional h:mm format. Note that the provided Character Sheet contains a function which automatically calculates your Final Time as you play. All you need to do is keep your ITEMS and POINTS boxes updated.



Hit Penalty
Penalty for Death
Ball and Chain Guard 5 1 + d4 3 HP, 1 point OHK with Ice, Fire, or Arrows 6 points
Armos Knight 8 2 + d4 4 HP, 1 point Silvers 4 points
Lanmolas 13 3 + d8 6 HP, 1 point Fire Rod +4, Ice Rod +2 4 points
Moldorm 9 auto 1 HP, 2/3 points 2 points for Close, 3 for Rough 6 points
Aga 1 5 1 + d4 2 HP Roll d4. 1 bb = 1 point 10 points
Helmasaur King 13 2 + d6 6 HP, 1 point Silvers 6 points
Arrghus 13 2 + d6 8 HP, 1 point Add 2 point penalty if Swordless 4 points
Mothula 16 3 + d10 12 HP, 1 point No GS Bonus, Fire Rod +4 4 points
Blind 10, 15 1 + d6, 2 + d8 8 HP, 1 point

10 HP, 1 point

Difficulty increases after 1st try 4 points
Kholdstare 16 3 + d8 14 HP, 1 point Fire Rod +4 6 points
Vitreous 18 2 + d12 16 HP, 1 point Silvers 8 points
Trinexx 20 d12 16 HP, 1 point Safety door for 1 point penalty 8 points, 2 points
Aga 2 14 d6 4 HP, 1 point 10 points
Ganon Phase 1, 2,3 22 d12 20 HP, 1 point 4 points
Ganon Phase 4 17 d8 10 HP, 1 point Silvers 6 points

Glitches / Tricks

Glitch / Trick

Challenge Rating

Failure Penalty (or if not performed)


Diver Down 10 Add 2 points Yes
Herapot 10 Add 2 points Yes
Icebreaker 8 Add 1 point Yes
Houlihan 10 Add 2 points & 225 rupees No
Water Stuff 12 Add 2 points No
Hovering 20 Add 2 points Yes
Spooky Action 14 If not performed, Add 2 points No

Bomb Jumps

Apply Swordless penalty if applicable


Challenge Rating



Spectacle Rock 12 Add 1 point No
Tower of Hera 10 Add 2 points No
SW Big Chest 9 Add 1 point Yes
IPBJ 10 Add 1 point Yes
Ice Palace Hook Room 13 Add 1 point Yes
Ice Palace Freezor Room 10 Add 2 points No

Dark Rooms

Apply Swordless penalty if applicable


Challenge Rating



Mountain Pass 3 Add 2 points Yes
Dark Cross 8, 5 with Fire Rod Add 2 points Yes
EP East Wing 4 Add 2 points Yes
EP Back Room 8, 3 with Fire Rod Add 2 points Yes
Aga 20 Add 3 points Yes
Dark Maze 10 Add 2 points Yes
PoD Basement 11, 7 with Fire Rod Add 2 points Yes
Mire Basement 12 Add 2 points Yes
TR Platform Room 9 Add 2 points Yes

Ganon’s Tower Climb


Skill Check

Challenge Rating

Pass / Fail

Pre-gauntlet Execution 20 2 points / 3 points & 4 HP
Gauntlet Combat 20 3 points / 4 points & 6 HP
Lanmo 2 Boss Def 15, Attack d10, 6 damage 1 point
Between Minibosses Execution 20 2 points / 3 points & 4 HP
Moldorm 2 Boss Def 9, Attack d6, 1 damage 1 point, +1 point per failure
Aga 2 Boss (See Boss Chart above) Def 14, d6, 4 + 1 point 2 points




Standard Start Add 4 points. Execution check CR of 10, then add 1 point for each number lower than 10
Flute Activation Add 1 point
Lumberjack Check Add 1 point
Ped Check Add 2 points
Hera Coffee Break Add 2 points
Aga 1 Add 3 points
Misery Mire Cutscene Add 1 point
Opening GT Add 1 point
GT Tile Room Add 2 points
Save and Quit Add 1 point


Tree Pull & Crab Pull Roll a d20. 1-4 Nothing | 5-8 Hearts | 9-12 Bombs | 13-16 Magic | 17-19 Big 20s | 20 Choose
Prize Packs Roll a d20. 1-4 Nothing | 5-8 Hearts | 9-12 Bombs | 13-16 Magic | 17-19 Big 20s | 20 Choose
Farm bombs or arrows Add 1 point per 3 bombs or 10 arrows
Farm rupees Add 60 rupees per 1 point. With gloves: 100 rupees per 1 point
Visit rupee cache Add appropriate number of rupees in room for 1 point
Farm for life Add 1 point per 4 hearts. Need Magic Powder or Bottle + Net