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22 – Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Begins + Main Tourney & V31 Teasers

22 – Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Begins + Main Tourney & V31 Teasers

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Having spent hours writing documents, creating forms, and really admin-ing it up all over the place, timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy choose to dedicate that sacred bi-weekly recording time on, well, even more tournament planning. But at least it’s interesting, and man will it make for a great tournament. The crew also talks Main Tournament and V31 teasers, reads a couple great Fetch Questions, and even tackles a puzzler!
*NOTE: This episode was re-uploaded roughly 12 hours after first being posted to correct an audio panning issue.*

3:25 – aLttPR Main Tournament Update
4:40 – V31 Teaser?
6:20 – More Main Tournament Details
9:50 – CrossKeys Tournament Update
11:10 – The History
12:50 – Timeframe
13:05 – The Final Count
14:00 – Logistics
19:30 – Group Rounds
21:40 – The Fight for 32
23:40 – Skill Matchups
28:50 – Cheating
31:45 – Restreams
35:00 – How to Spectate
39:45 – Turn on VoDs!
41:40 – The Purse
43:30 – Fetch Questions
55:00 – Puzzler
1:00:35 – Wrap-up
1:01:20 – First GMP:MT Match, June 5 2019, 8:30 EDT


Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Rules Write-up: http://gomodepodcast.com/go-mode-podcast-mentor-tournament/
Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament Match Schedule (Updated Daily): https://tinyurl.com/y5m4r4bx

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As chosen by Go Mode Podcast co-hosts timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy in Episode 21: Top 10 aLttPR Tricks Worth Learning (listen here)

10: Spooky Glitch

A way to save having to hit a crystal switch multiple times in Misery Mire basement.

(Source: BambooShadow on YouTube)

9: PoD Dark Maze / Dark Basement

Allows sequence break access to 4 item locations (5 with Big Key) in Palace of Darkness.

(Source: Sakura Tsubasa)

8: Ice Palace Hookshot Bomb Jump

A way to allow fast traversal of Ice Palace without the Hookshot.

(Source: gamercal on YouTube)

7: Superspeed / Spin Speed

A glitch allowing the player to move at a high speed in any direction

(Source: aLttP Speedrunning Wiki)

6: “Easy Dark Rooms” – Eastern Palace 1 & Death Mountain

Two moderately easy dark rooms to learn, both allowing sequence break access to additional item locations.

(Source: Sakura Tsubasa)

5: Item Dashing

A glitch allowing the player to dash with an item. Various applications, including Hammer Dash at Peg Cave, Red Cane Dash in Turtle Rock, and more.

(Source: aLttP Speedrunning Wiki)

4: Fake Flippers

A glitch that allows the player to traverse through water without the flippers, especially as a sequence break to Zora area in early game.

(Source: aLttP Speedrunning Wiki)

3: Master Sword Ganon

A way to kill Ganon with only the Master Sword, eliminating the need to find multiple sword upgrades.

(Source: mysticinvasion on YouTube)

2: Silverless Ganon

A way to kill Ganon without Silver Arrows, eliminating the need to find them during the run.

 (Source: gamercal on YouTube)

1: Ice Palace Bomb Jump (IPBJ)

A way to progress quickly through Ice Palace. Eliminates the need for the Cane of Somaria as well as a significant amount of dungeon backtracking.

 (Source: gamercal on YouTube)

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Below is an excerpt from the aLttPR Discord’s Announcement channel, a post by ChristosOwen detailing changes in v30.3. Emotes have been removed to enhance readability. Hey @everyone, small V30.3 update: – Fixed a bug where old V29 general hints were sometimes coming through – Fake hints now have a :LinkFace: included – Added warning to… Continue Reading