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38 – Tracking and Trackers + AGDQ 2020, Gerudo Exile & New OOTR Podcast

38 – Tracking and Trackers + AGDQ 2020, Gerudo Exile & New OOTR Podcast

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With the 2019 holiday season officially over, as well as all the irregularity in scheduling that it brought, timp, Daaanty, & Hurfydurfy cruise on into 2020 with a good ole’ fashioned “classic” episode, complete with an AGDQ trip report from Daaanty, tourney news, an ALTTP romhack, and even a newcomer to the Randomized Game Community Podcasting Scene to tell you about. What DOESN’T this episode have?? FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew discusses best tracking practices before profiling popular ALTTPR trackers from three community members: Crossproduct, Dunka, & Emosaru.

3:00 – Daaanty at AGDQ 2020
13:45 – Gerudo Exile ALTTP Romhack
17:20 – Main Tournament Brackets
23:45 – Challenge Cup Brackets
28:00 – Gossip Stone OOTR Podcast
32:25 – Prodigy NMG Tournament Scoop
36:25 – ALTTPR Spoiler Log Tournament Scoop
39:05 – Hurfydurfy Gets Festive
42:10 – General Tracking Tips
53:00 – Map Tracking
1:04:25 – Crossproduct
1:09:15 – BigDunka
1:13:30 – EmoTracker
1:25:35 – Bi-Weekly Seeds & Wrap up

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Gerudo Exile LTTP Romhack Trailer (content advisory)

2019 Fall Tournament
Challonge | Match Schedule

Challenge Cup
Challonge | Match Schedule | Discord
Go Mode Podcast Twitch Channel
Lumaga vs. signumbs Round 1 Game 1

Gossip Stone – The OOTR Podcast First Episode

Crossproduct | Dunka | EmoTracker

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As suggested by members of the Go Mode Podcast Discord. Last Updated on 12/17/2019 by timp.

2019 Fall Tournament

ChelseyxLynn vs. EmoSaru
Game 1. Dec 9, 2019

JP [BrewersFanJP] vs. Frostbite3030
Game 1. Dec. 1, 2019

JP [BrewersFanJP] vs. Frostbite3030
Game 2. Dec. 6, 2019

Acktheboker vs. LackAttack24
Game 1. Dec. 2, 2019

GanonsGoneWild vs. Kappa
Game 2. Dec. 12, 2019.

GFE_12 vs SailorNep
Game 3. Dec. 12, 2019

someone325 vs thalane
Game 2. Dec. 14, 2019

Challenge Cup

FajitaKnight vs. TheDaddyGamers
Round 1, Game 2. Dec. 6, 2019

Tso15 vs. Arborelia
Round 3, Game 1. Dec. 12, 2019

DoctorBobtastic vs. Wessidevandal
Round 2, Game 2. Dec. 16, 2019
*Brought to you by the Go Mode Podcast Restream Crew!

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