40 – Bosses Part II: K-V w/ Eriror + New IP Glitch, New Racing Council

40 – Bosses Part II: K-V w/ Eriror + New IP Glitch, New Racing Council

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After some hilariously funny banter, timp, Daaanty, & Hurfydurfy begin the episode by discussing the usual Main and Challenge Cup tournament bracket updates, followed by discussion of a newly discovered glitch called Ice Breaker and some updates to the Racing Council (gg Daaanty!). Later, they tackle several fetch questions, a puzzler, a correction, and an upcoming Mystery Multiworld Community event being hosted by—oh hey—Daaanty again. Dang that guy stays busy! FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew is proud to welcome back ALTTPR & NMG runner Eriror to tackle optimal, nominal, and emergency strats for Kholdstare, Lanmolas, Moldorm, Mothula, Trinexx, & Vitreous.

4:50 – Main Tourney Top 4ish
8:50 – Challenge Cup Top 8ish
11:45 – New Glitch “Ice Breaker”
14:35 – Racing Council Turnover
25:45 – Welcome Back Eriror
28:35 – Kholdstare
41:25 – Lanmolas
52:50 – Moldorm
1:00:15 – Mothula
1:10:30 – Trinexx
1:18:30 – Vitreous
1:33:20 – Fetch Questions
1:50:20 – Puzzler & 50K Seed Analytics Corrections
1:59:30 – GMP Mystery Event & Bi-Weekly Seeds

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V31 50K Seed Analytics Corrections

GMP Community Mystery Multiworld Event
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Eriror vs. iiYoshii Game 3, 2nd German Tournament

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