47 – Opening Routes + Mentor Tournament 2020 Sign-ups & Bloodstained Rando

47 – Opening Routes + Mentor Tournament 2020 Sign-ups & Bloodstained Rando

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Beginnings. How do they begin, and where do they start? This description is off to a terrible start, but timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy do okay starting off this episode by dropping the above GMPMT2020 Registration form. They then cover a Randomizer in the news with Bloodstained, ALTTPR League Brackets, more speedround news, and a very nice batch of Fetch Questions at the end. FEATURE: The gang discusses the merits of some of the most common opening routes in Rando, considering Open in depth and even covering the other world states for good measure.

2:50 – Mentor Tournament 2020 Registration
9:25 – ALTTPR League Brackets
14:15 – Bloodstained Get an Official Randomizer
20:25 – Speedround: 3rd Francophone Tourney, ZOOTR Finals, SMZ3R Brackets
27:25 – GMP Community Updates
36:05 – Introduction
42:35 – Open, Uncle Start
58:10 – Open, Sanc Start
1:11:05 – Rupee Start
1:16:05 – Standard, Inverted, Entrance
1:30:15 – Fetch Questions & Wrap-up

LINKS (visit gomodepodcast.com for full urls)

Go Mode Podcast Mentor Tournament 2020
Rules | Registration Form

Website | Sailor Nep vs. Jet082, Division Finals Game 5

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night Gets a Randomizer

ALTTPR 3rd Francophone Tourney Details
Dungeon Logic Guide by gr1nk
ZOOTR Standard Tournament Grand Finals Game 1
SMZ3R 2020 Tournament Brackets

Opening Routes References
50% Bomb Drop Locations by Trinexx | Prize Pack Info

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