Ocarina of Time Randomizer w/ TreZc0 + ’22 Main Details & Low-Key Tournies

Ocarina of Time Randomizer w/ TreZc0 + ’22 Main Details & Low-Key Tournies

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Hey! Listen! We may not be a glowing orb with insect wings, but we do have some things to announce directly into your ear. Listen to timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy dissect the latest ’22 Main Tournament announcement, report on the newest Racing Council leaders, cover a couple of community tournaments attempting to sneak past them, and serve up a nice healthy dose of recommendations to cap it all off. Guidance fairies are the podcasters of Hyrule. FEATURE: The GMP gang is joined by ZeldaSpeedRuns admin and Ocarina of Time Randomizer developer TreZc0 to discuss ALTTPR’s younger and more dimensionally gifted sibling, ZOoTR.

1:55 – Main Tourney Announcement
17:30 – Racing Council Term 6 Leaders
19:25 – Low-key Tournaments
23:45 – GMP Community Updates
29:30 – Meet TreZc0
41:55 – Group Level Setting
54:25 – Popularity
1:04:05 – History & Development
1:30:10 – Game Feel
1:45:35 – Community
1:54:15 – Shoutouts & Wrap-up

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Main Tourney
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Racing Council Roster (Updated w/ Term 6 Leaders)

Doors Async League
AD Keys Tourney

Ocarina of Time Randomizer
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