RandoQuest Chapter II + Lazy Kid’s Prank, Trial’s End & Solski’s $

RandoQuest Chapter II + Lazy Kid’s Prank, Trial’s End & Solski’s $

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You’ve got to hand it to this community—we’re awfully secure in who we are. In this episode, timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy discuss a prank perpetrated by a man pretending to be an infirm child, the conclusion of a YouTube series hosted by a man who cosplays as Guy Fieri, and a man giving away his own hard-earned money to his friends just for playing a video game. But clearly, it’s not like our co-hosts are above any of that kind of stuff. Wait until you hear what they get up to this week! FEATURE: The GMP Crew reconvenes to run a 2nd session of timp’s ALTTPR-inspired TTRPG, RandoQuest.

2:35 – Main Tourney Qualifiers Continue
6:05 – AD Keys Finals This Week
6:55 – Ladder Fools Day
12:20 – Trial By Fieri Concludes
14:20 – MT22 Updates & BWS
18:40 – Solski’s SMZ3 Invitational
21:55 – Intro
27:10 – Character Sheet Creation
34:45 – Seed Start
1:06:30 – Dark World Access
1:44:00 – 7th Crystal
1:50:25 – Wrap-up

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Main Tourney
Outline | Unofficial Qualifier Standings

AD Keys Tourney
Challonge | Finals Schedule

Trial By Fieri: An Ill-Advised Zelda
Series Playlist | Fieri Cosplay

Solski’s SMZ3 Invitational – Saturday, April 16, 2022

Rules | pdf version
Reaction Speed Test
Blank Character Sheet | Hurf’s Character Sheet

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