RandoQuest + Daaanty the Chaaamp & Racing Council Applications

RandoQuest + Daaanty the Chaaamp & Racing Council Applications

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Do you like rolling dice? Of course you do, you like a game with the word “randomizer” stuck to the end of it. Well then, you’d better stick around for our feature because we got something you might like! But first timp, and to a much lesser extent Hurfydurfy, have to make Daaanty feel awkward by telling him he’s the greatest Rando player of all time and congratulating him officially on his 2021 Main Tournament victory. After that, Daaanty takes the crew on a tourney roundup, and they finish off with a discussion about their own Racing Council careers (or lack thereof). FEATURE: timp introduces a new TTRPG (Tabletop Role Playing Game) based on ALTTPR, and he and Hurfydurfy GM Daaanty through the game’s first official playthrough.

10:35 – Challenge Cup, Pilot Spoiler, Crosskeys, HMG
16:45 – Racing Council Accepting Applications
23:35 – GMP Community Updates
31:20 – The Pitch
34:35 – Basic Rules Overview
43:15 – Game Start
1:59:20 – Game End & Impressions
2:06:20 – Wrap-up

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Daaanty vs. Gammachuu Finals Game 3
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Rules – pdf version
Character Sheet Template | Daaanty’s Character Sheet

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