Sequence Breaking + Open Plus, Scams & timp’s 3 Pleas

Sequence Breaking + Open Plus, Scams & timp’s 3 Pleas

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Look, we’re badasses okay? We won’t do what you tell us. You say jump? We say NO! You want us to only check item locations that are in logic? TOUGH COOKIES, PAL! First, we’re gonna talk about the timp.msu premiere, got it? Then we’ll cover some Ladder Invitational updates, a scammer in the community, a new NMG WR set by Edwardinary, and LTTP at ESA Winter 2022. There’s nothing you can do about any of this. And before signing off, timp will try to send a carrier Cucco to Flavortown. Deal with it!! FEATURE: The Go Mode Crew discusses what it means to sequence break in ALTTPR and provides advice on how to handle out-of-logic locations and items.

2:55 – timp.msu Premiere
8:55 – Ladder Invitationals
20:20 – Scammer!
27:25 – New NMG WR: 1:23:01
29:50 – ALTTP @ ESA Winter 2022
32:35 – MT22 Planning, BWS
36:30 – Definitions
47:40 – Why Bother?
56:20 – Sequence Breaking Has Consequences
57:25 – Common SBs
1:04:50 – Exaaamples
1:17:05 – If/Then
1:22:05 – Tracking SBs
1:31:30 – timp’s Plea

LINKS (visit for full urls)

Download Page | Premiere Event

ALTTPR Ladder Invitationals
Final Casual Boots Bracket | Open Plus

ALTTP WR in 1:23:01 by Edwardinary
StructuralMike’s Vanilla Rando Speedrun Leaderboards

ESA Winter 2022 Marathon

Trial By Fieri Hot Dog Stats, compiled by timp

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