What Makes a Seed Good? (Or Bad) + League S4 Champs & V31.0.11

What Makes a Seed Good? (Or Bad) + League S4 Champs & V31.0.11

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The Go Mode Crew becomes 90’s kids! Reunited after an episode apart, timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy catch up in Ep. 91 by congratulating Daaanty and his Titan’s Mitts teammates on their League S4 Invitational Championship title. The three weigh in on an unorthodox series of events that took place during the Invitational Semi-finals and segue into a review of the Racing Council’s 6th term (full retention!) Also discussed is the new V31.0.11 update and its effect on fake flipper behavior, as well as a brief recounting of personal pet histories as a very literal Fetch Question. FEATURE: The hosts ruminate on which factors they believe may help determine a seed’s quality while considering a handful of community responses to the episode’s prompt in the process.

6:00 – ALTTPR League Champions
8:10 – Invitational Semi-finals
13:10 – Daaanty’s take
20:10 – Hurf’s take
26:00 – timp’s take
30:25 – Racing Council VI
33:50 – Daaanty Pt. 2
39:20 – V31.0.11
48:55 – GMP Community Updates
Determining Seed Quality
53:50 – Setup
56:10 – Host thoughts
1:14:55 – Listener responses
1:28:20 – “Fetch” Question & Wrap-up

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ALTTPR League Final Bracket
ALTTPR Racing Council Roster
V31.0.11 January 2022 Update

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