Below is an excerpt from the aLttPR Discord’s Announcement channel, a post by ChristosOwen detailing changes in v30.3. Emotes have been removed to enhance readability.

Hey @everyone, small V30.3 update:

– Fixed a bug where old V29 general hints were sometimes coming through
– Fake hints now have a :LinkFace: included
– Added warning to OHKO/Enemizer that it may be impossible with unlucky enemy placements
– In inverted the NPC “thing” in Dark Chapel now instafills your health without any text (but still costs 20 rupees!)
– Fixed a bug where the Blacksmith would give the item even if you didn’t have 10 rupees
– Fixed a bug in Inverted where some enemies in Agahnim’s Tower and Old Man Cave had DW properties
– Fixed a bug where seeds kept “screaming” to go to specific places (usually Swamp Palace)
– Added a “loading animation” when ROMS are being generated so people know things are happening!
– Fixed a bug where Crystals sometimes wouldn’t drop in boss rooms in rare situations
– Updated Pedestal/Tablets texts to reference generic keys in Retro and not specific keys
– Updated ER permalinks to include Quick Swap
– Bomb/Arrow Capacity Upgrades:
– Hard: now only sells two +5 upgrades and one +10 upgrade at an increased cost of 200 rupees each
– Expert/Insane: removed all capacity upgrades
– Updated Old Man so that he still appears if the Purple Chest has been moved but not turned into the Desert Thief
– Added a sprite page to the website detailing more info and crediting the authors:

This is the final update to V30, anything else will be V31 now. So if anything remains broken in V30 it will be that way until V31. However we will have shorter release cycles between versions than in the past. These should be a little less all at once. Easier to type up release notes for and easier to adjust to changes that way!