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Is Manual Tracking Still Needed for Restreams? + Finals: League & Cabookey

Is Manual Tracking Still Needed for Restreams? + Finals: League & Cabookey

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It is my great pleasure to present to you an episode that clocks in at a brisk 48.5 minutes; our snappiest regular episode yet. Turns out we ARE capable of some brevity every now and then!

6:05 – The Setup
10:50 – The Question
18:30 – Ladder Invitational Tracking
24:20 – Immediate Action Items
27:30 – League Finals Report
31:20 – Cabookeytational Finals
33:50 – Glitched MT Rounds Out Swiss
36:50 – BWS 117 & 118
40:25 – Shoutouts

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Top 10 ALTTPR Tricks Worth Ignoring

As chosen by Go Mode Podcast co-hosts timp, Daaanty, & Hurfydurfy in Episode 78: Top 10 ALTTPR Tricks Worth Ignoring (listen here)

10: Aga 1 Dark Rooms

Execution: 6
Opportunity: 3
Helpfulness: 6

9. Sanc and Quit

Execution: 1
Opportunity: 9
Helpfulness: 4

8: Lamp-Controlled Somaria Bounce

Execution: 5
Opportunity: 2
Helpfulness: 2

7: Extended Auto Stairs (aka POG Clip)

Execution: 4
Opportunity: 2
Helpfulness: 3

6: Bonk Prize Pre-Grab

Execution: 2
Opportunity: 6
Helpfulness: 2

5: Pressing L to Move Through Sand Enemies

It just works.
Execution: 1
Opportunity: 4
Helpfulness: 1

4: Barrier Revival

Execution: 1
Opportunity: 2
Helpfulness: 2

3: Prize on the Eyes

Execution: 2
Opportunity: 3
Helpfulness: 2

2: LSD Blind

Execution: 3
Opportunity: 1
Helpfulness: 2

1: Armos Shake Storage

Execution: 2
Opportunity: 1
Helpfulness: 6

Honorable Mentions

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Go Mode: A Link to the Past Randomizer Podcast

As voted on by the ALTTPR Community from June 15-19, 2020. Survey distributed by timp of the Go Mode Podcast and revealed on Episode 50 (listen here) 10: Diver Down A glitch allowing for multiple sequence breaks in Swamp Palace. Resource Link (Source: ALTTPR Wiki) 9: Herapot A glitch that allows significant sequence breaking to… Continue Reading

As suggested by members of the Go Mode Podcast Discord. Last Updated on 12/17/2019 by timp. 2019 Fall Tournament ChelseyxLynn vs. EmoSaru Game 1. Dec 9, 2019 Twitch VoD JP [BrewersFanJP] vs. Frostbite3030 Game 1. Dec. 1, 2019 Twitch VoD JP [BrewersFanJP] vs. Frostbite3030 Game 2. Dec. 6, 2019 Twitch VoD Acktheboker vs. LackAttack24 Game… Continue Reading

Top 10 Glitches Worth Learning (2019 Edition) As chosen by Go Mode Podcast co-hosts timp, Axeil, & Hurfydurfy in Episode 21: Top 10 aLttPR Tricks Worth Learning (listen here) 10: Spooky Glitch A way to save having to hit a crystal switch multiple times in Misery Mire basement. Resource Link (Source: BambooShadow on YouTube) 9:… Continue Reading

Below is an excerpt from the aLttPR Discord’s Announcement channel, a post by ChristosOwen detailing changes in v30.3. Emotes have been removed to enhance readability. Hey @everyone, small V30.3 update: – Fixed a bug where old V29 general hints were sometimes coming through – Fake hints now have a :LinkFace: included – Added warning to… Continue Reading