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Zelda 1 Randomizer w/ fcoughlin Part 1 + Pseudo-boots, FAD Keys, & Hard Item Pools

Zelda 1 Randomizer w/ fcoughlin Part 1 + Pseudo-boots, FAD Keys, & Hard Item Pools

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Have you ever noticed how just about every Zelda game involves some form of ancestor reverence at one point or another? Clearly Link knows the importance of paying homage to those that came before him and, dangit, so do we! timp, Daaanty, and Hurfydurfy kick of the episode with some in-depth takes shared about some new modes being toyed with, including Pseudo-boots, FAD Keys, and a tweaked item pool mode that SGL21 has been floating. There’s also a new term for the ALTTPR Racing Council, some tourney updates, and more. FEATURE: The GMP Crew welcomes the creator of Zelda 1 Randomizer, fcoughlin, on for a two-parter. In this episode, they discuss the basics of Z1R including its beginnings, item logic, and the racing scene around it, as well as an examination of ALTTPR’s Retro mode.

Look forward to Part 2 during our next episode, which features talk on how to start playing Z1R and a discussion of fcoughlin’s Super Mario Bros. 3 Randomizer!

3:25 – Enter Pseudo-boots
18:05 – New League Mode: FAD Keys
25:45 – SGL21 Tweaked Item Pool
43:05 – SGL21 Admin
47:15 – Racing Council Term 5
50:35 – Pilot Spoiler, Crosskeys, HMG
53:00 – MT21 Mentor MVP
57:10 – Meet fcoughlin
1:02:40 – ALTTPR vs. Z1R
1:13:00 – Logic
1:25:50 – Racing
1:37:30 – ALTTPR Retro
1:48:30 – Shout-outs & Wrap-up

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SGL21 Tweaked Item Pool (DRAFT)

Racing Council Roster

Pilot Spoiler – Challonge
Crosskeys – Challonge | Schedule
Hybrid Major Glitches – Challonge | Schedule

Mentor Tournament 2021 Brackets
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