Rando Rituals & Superstitions + Racing Council 6 and timp.msu Premiere

Rando Rituals & Superstitions + Racing Council 6 and timp.msu Premiere

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Join timp at https://twitch.tv/gomodepodcast this Friday, Feb. 4th at 7:30 PM EST for the reveal of Version 1 of ‘timp.msu’, an ALTTPR msu-1 pack comprised completely of new original music! Download and use the pack for free after the event at https://gomodepodcast.com/timp-msu/

It’s Episode 92 of the Go Mode Podcast! timp, Daaanty and Hurfydurfy start by covering the Main Tourney 22 announcement, then move onto the Ladder Casual Boots Invitational’s finish and an ALTTPR marathon appearance. Somewhere in there, Daaanty communicates some Racing Council news from the less-distant past, and timp reveals that he’s two mere days away from unveiling his long=awaited timp.msu music project. FEATURE: the GMP crew discuss all manner of ALTTPR ephemera, including pre-race rituals, superstitions, tics, and more.

6:40 – Main Tournament 2022 Announced
13:15 – Racing Council Term 6
15:15 – Ladder Casual Boots Invitational Final 2
17:30 – ALTTP @ UKSG Winter 2022
18:45 – AD Keysanity Tournament
20:45 – timp.msu Soft Premiere
31:50 – Set up
33:05 – Community Responses
1:01:55 – Daaanty
1:15:40 – timp
1:19:05 – Communicating with an Audience
1:25:25 – Fetch Question & Wrap-up

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Racing Council Roster

Ladder Casual Boots Invitational Bracket & Schedule

Malmo and Krithel at UKSG Winter 2022 (timestamped Twitch VoD)

Starcraft 2. 400 APM

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